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Lottie's is a brand new concept encouraging mums in and around Edinburgh to meet, to share experiences and to support each other in all aspects of raising a young family. We aim to do this by holding weekly meet-ups and exclusive mums events across the City - we want to celebrate all things “mum” with as many mums as possible, at the same time supporting each other through the “highs and lows” of parenting.

We are also championing the best mum-run businesses, in and out of the city, and we have a beautifully curated on-line shop, showcasing a selection of their bestselling products. We aim to bring you the finest baby clothes, organic and natural toiletries, quirky gifts and unique one off pieces. By bringing Mums together, we can also hear about products we may not stock, that you feel could simplify or enhance your busy life as a parent.

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We believe that as many people as possible should know about the incredible work that mums do day in, day out and that more should be done to promote and support these fantastic small businesses. We are actively doing exactly this by working hard with other businesses within Edinburgh to bring you the best child-friendly places to eat, relax and be pampered.

Because, with support comes empowerment and with empowerment comes growth ... of us as individuals and as mums, of our children and of our families.

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The brains behind this company is Amber Pattullo, a local mum of two who, after having her second child decided she wanted to build a community of mums. A community that is free from judgement and embraces the chaos that is family life. Amber noticed the many impressive small businesses who were creating lovely baby items, but who were not getting the publicity or attention they deserved. Amber hopes that by bringing these quality, mum-created products to one platform it will help ease the buying process for customers and allow others to help a range of small businesses all at once.

If you would like to join the Lottie’s community or find out more about the mums involved and their journeys, please sign up to join our on-line Community on Facebook and Instagram: Lotties Baby Boutique.